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Fix Your Gummy Smile Today

Have you been told you have a “gummy smile?” Here at Dolan Dental Group, our team of dentists can improve your confidence with crown lengthening in Wethersfield. The cosmetic treatment removes excess gum tissue that makes the teeth appear shorter than average. We embrace the latest technological advancements to carefully reshape the soft tissue to ensure the highest level of aesthetics.


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What is Crown Lengthening?

The color, size, shape, and positioning of your teeth are not the only components that impact the attractiveness of your smile. Your gum tissue plays an equally important role. Excessive gum tissue can cover the surfaces of your teeth, making them appear short. In some cases, the height of your underlying bone may extend over a portion of one or more teeth. Crown lengthening can resolve both issues.

The procedure can provide both cosmetic and restorative benefits depending on the reason it is used. When redesigning or reshaping the gums at the base of the teeth, crown lengthening exposes more of the teeth’s surfaces to create a more attractive smile.

It can also improve your oral health by adjusting the height of the bone or tooth if you need to have a restoration placed. This ensures there is enough tooth structure to support the restoration while also properly sealing out harmful bacteria and food particles. This is often needed if a tooth has suffered a significant break or decay and there is no longer enough visible tooth to support the restoration.

What Can I Expect?

Now, new technologies and methods make treating a gummy smile in Wethersfield less invasive to ensure your comfort; however, a local anesthetic is still used for pain-free treatment. Special dental instruments are used to reduce and recontour the gingival tissue around one or more teeth. The overall goal is to create greater symmetry with the smile line. Often, the procedure is completed in less than one hour, but if multiple teeth are treated, it may take longer to complete, or we may recommend more than one session.

After your treatment, your gum tissue may be red or inflamed for a few days. You can easily manage any discomfort with an over-the-counter pain reliever. It is best to eat soft foods for the first 24 hours to avoid causing irritation or injury to the healing tissue. You should also avoid eating or drinking anything hot or cold because your teeth may be a bit sensitive.

You will also need to carefully maintain your home oral hygiene. This will help reduce your risk of infection while keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. If bone is removed, it is normal for your tooth to feel a bit loose. On average, the entire recovery process takes about 2 weeks.

No More Gummy Smile

You can say “goodbye” to your gummy smile with the help of your cosmetic dentist in Wethersfield. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for crown lengthening.