Dental Implant Dentures Wethersfield

A Solution for a Secure & Full Smile

Are you tired of going through life missing many teeth or constantly worrying about your dentures slipping? Enough already! Life is too short for you to live it without a full, confident smile – which is exactly what we can provide when you come to Dolan Dental Group for implant dentures.

Both Dr. Brendan Dolan and Dr. Riley Gionfriddo are experienced dental professionals with advanced knowledge in dental implant treatment, which is why so many men and women in Wethersfield trust Dolan Dental Group to restore their smiles.


Why Choose Dolan Dental Group for Dental Implant Dentures?

  • Dental Implants Placed and Restored In-Office
  • Two Experienced Dental Experts
  • The Latest Dental Technology

How Do Implant Dentures Work?

While single dental implants are often used to replace one missing tooth, several dental implants can be utilized to support partial or even full dentures. If you are missing many or even all of your teeth, implant dentures can easily and effectively restore both the form and function of your smile!

It is no secret why implant dentures work so well: they rely on the power of dental implants in Wethersfield. Small titanium posts that are surgically placed in the jawbone, dental implants replace the natural tooth root structure and provide maximum support for an artificial crown, bridge, or denture.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implant Dentures?

You may be a good candidate for implant dentures in Wethersfield if you:

  • Are missing many teeth and want to replace them but do not want to wear a traditional denture.
  • Are tired of the traditional dentures that you currently wear and are searching for a better solution.

In addition, candidates for any dental implant treatment, including implant dentures, must have healthy teeth and gums, practice excellent oral hygiene at home, and have sufficient jawbone depth.

Does this sound like you? If you are not sure, do not hesitate to schedule an initial consultation at Dolan Dental Group. During this first visit, our dentists will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and jawbone and help you decide which restorative treatment best fits your smile.

What to Expect from the Procedure

Here is what to expect when you come to Dolan Dental Group for implant dentures:

  • During the placement procedure, Dr. Dolan will make small incisions in your gums and strategically insert the dental implant posts into your jawbone.
  • Next, he will close the tissue, and you will be given several months to heal so the implants can fuse with the jawbone.
  • The next step is to attach abutments. These abutments will connect your new dentures to the implant posts.
  • Finally, Dr. Dolan will attach your custom-designed dentures to the implants and make sure they are securely fastened in place.

The Benefits of Combining Dentures and Dental Implants

Combining dentures and dental implants is the ultimate restorative combination – and we’ll tell you why!

First, you never have to worry about your implant dentures slipping when eating or speaking, unlike with traditional dentures. The maximum support provided by implants keeps your teeth firmly in place in your mouth.

In addition, because they are secured below the gum line, implant dentures appear incredibly natural – so natural, in fact, that your friends, coworkers, and even family members probably will not realize that you are wearing artificial teeth!

For a natural, secure smile, there is no restorative treatment that beats implant dentures in Wethersfield.