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Wethersfield Restorative Dentistry

Repair Your Teeth with Quality Restorative Dentistry

If you’re struggling with a damaged, decayed, or missing tooth, there’s no need to feel ashamed – nearly everyone will experience a dental problem over the course of their lives, and what’s most important is that you’re seeking out help from a trusted dental team in the Wethersfield, CT area to correct the problem. At Dolan Dental, Dr. Thomas Dolan and Dr. Brendan Dolan offer a wide variety of restorative services that can bring back your smile’s fullest potential. Please contact our Wethersfield, CT location today if you’d like to schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions!

Closeup of smile during dental treatment

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Instead of traditional amalgam, our team is proud to have invested in a much-improved alternative to treating cavities – tooth-colored fillings! Crafted from high-quality composite resin, tooth-colored fillings blend in with your natural smile and provide stronger, more conservative support to the remaining natural tooth.

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Model of tooth with inlay

Inlays & Onlays

If you have dental damage that’s too big for a traditional filling but not quite ready for a custom-made dental crown, a personalized inlay or onlay could be the perfect in-between. These porcelain restorations are designed to directly bond with the tooth’s remaining healthy structure, repairing the injured portion and greatly improving its strength and function.

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Closeup of tooth with natural looking dnetal crown

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are versatile restorations that are designed to treat individual teeth that are badly decayed, injured, weakened, cosmetically imperfect, or otherwise flawed. The structure fits over the visible surface of the tooth, both providing a lifelike replacement and effectively preserving what remains underneath.

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Model ofsmile with fixed bridge

Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or more teeth in a row? A dental bridge could be the ideal solution. These prosthetics are designed to be sturdily anchored in place within the mouth through the use of additional dental crowns that attach over nearby healthy teeth. Once in place, the bridge provides optimal function, reliability, and long-lasting quality.

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Hand holding full denture

Full & Partial Dentures

Extensive tooth loss can leave patients struggling to eat, speak, and perform other essential functions that the rest of us take for granted. Thankfully, a custom-made full or partial denture can provide a convenient and affordable solution. Our doctors here in Wethersfield always take the time to design a new prosthetic that will feel sturdy and look attractive within the mouth. Our patients deserve the best!

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Metal clasps holding extracted tooth

Tooth Extractions

While our team at Dolan Dental will do everything we can to help patients maintain happy, healthy teeth over the years, circumstances may occur where extraction becomes the best choice for your ongoing wellbeing. In these cases, we’ll work with you closely to not only safely remove the tooth or teeth in question, but provide an effective, lifelike replacement as needed.

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Patient receiving dental care

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is badly injured or infected, extraction may not be a necessity – in fact, we’re often able to resuscitate these natural teeth with the help of root canal therapy! Despite this procedure’s unfairly bad reputation, root canal therapy is a highly successful and effective procedure that can relieve severe oral pain – in fact, many patients are able to enjoy the treated tooth for the rest of their life.

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Closeup of healthy smile

Soft Tissue Grafting

If you’ve suffered an excessive amount of gum recession because of periodontal disease, don’t worry – our team can help you regain the healthy tissue your smile needs! We will perform a soft tissue graft in order to build up the gum line in vulnerable areas, reducing your risk of additional infection and dental damage.

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Relaxed woman in dental chair

Wethersfield Sedation Dentist

Fear of dentistry is a common problem among younger and older patients alike, and sometimes, a friendly team and comfortable office atmosphere just isn’t enough. In these cases, we can provide sedation dentistry as a safe way to calm a person’s nerves and help them feel genuinely relaxed throughout the treatment process. Both oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) are available upon request here at Dolan Dental, and we’ll be happy to help you determine which option best fits your unique needs. 

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