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Root Canal Therapy in Wethersfield

Endodontic treatment

Man in dental chair holding cheekEndodontic treatment is a specialized subset of dentistry that focuses just on the inner nerves of the tooth. One of the most common procedures associated with endodontics is root canal therapy, which becomes necessary when a tooth is so badly infected that the harmful bacteria has reached these vulnerable inner nerves within the canal(s). At Dolan Dental, we can rescue the natural tooth and alleviate severe oral pain for the sake of our patients’ ongoing wellbeing. Please contact our Wethersfield, CT practice today to get started!

How does Root Canal Therapy Work?

During root canal therapy, Dr. Thomas Dolan or Dr. Brendan Dolan will carefully access the inner chamber of the affected tooth, allowing them to remove infected tissue and thoroughly clean the area. We then replace the original pulp with a safe substitute that’s known as gutta percha before sealing the area in order to reduce the risk of further infection. In most cases, it is strongly recommended that the patient has a new dental restoration (usually a crown) placed over the tooth so that its natural structure and strength is returned. This placement is also likely to increase the success of the procedure!

Sedation Dentistry Options

Many patients become nervous or agitated when they hear the words “root canal,” and we understand why. However, it’s important to remember that advancements in dental technology and anesthetic have resulted in the process becoming much more safe and comfortable over time. Patients are likely to experience some soreness afterwards, but painkillers can be used to treat this issue until the sensation subsides.