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Find Out if the Myths About Teeth Whitening in Wethersfield are True

March 10, 2019

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attractive woman smiling brown hairWith endless amounts of information available online about teeth whitening in Wethersfield, it can be harder to determine the difference between fact and fiction. That’s why it’s better to have an expert provide insight into the truth. As you read on, you’ll learn whether some of the common myths about teeth whitening are correct. You’ll also discover how you can achieve the smile of your dreams!

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

With Zoom! Whitening, stubborn stains can be lifted, and your teeth can be left up to 10 shades brighter. The process usually takes around an hour to complete, as the high-powered bleaching agents are applied in 15-minute increments, up to three times. Then, in just one visit, you’re left with a dazzling smile.

While this method of teeth whitening is highly effective, there are still some untruths that need to be addressed.

Myth #1 – Teeth Whitening Damages the Enamel

A common misconception is that teeth whitening is destructive to the enamel, which is the hard, outer surface of your teeth that protects the more sensitive inner parts. The reality, though, is that teeth whitening done correctly is non-invasive.

One of the benefits of working with a cosmetic dentist is he or she will only apply the right amount of whitening gel to safely create a beautiful smile. Thus, you won’t have to endure any unnecessary enamel damage.

Myth #2 – You’ll Have Heightened Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Items

Another mistruth is that undergoing the whitening process will leave your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods and beverages. For this to happen, the enamel would have to become worn and allow contact with the sensitive dentin that lies beneath.

Your cosmetic dentist’s careful application will prevent this from happening, though.

Myth #3 – Over the Counter Products Deliver the Same Results

You’ve probably seen a seemingly endless supply of at-home teeth whitening kits at your local drugstore. While they may seem ultra-convenient, they just can’t deliver the same results as your cosmetic dentist for the following reasons:

  • The potency of store-bought whiteners pale in comparison to the bleaching agents used by your cosmetic dentist, as is reflected in the results you’ll see.
  • The trays aren’t custom-designed to fit your mouth, which means there is a greater chance of the whitening gel mixing with saliva and irritating your gums.
  • When you use store-bought whiteners, you’re left on your own to figure out how to apply the treatment correctly, and the entire process is very generic. With professional teeth whitening, a complete treatment plan is mapped-out based on your specific smile needs.

Now that you’re armed with more information about the value of receiving teeth whitening from your cosmetic dentist in Wethersfield, reach out today to schedule an appointment. Then, prepare to enjoy the smile of your dreams!

About the Author

A graduate of New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Thomas C. Dolan has over 30 years of experience providing dental care. Throughout his career, he has remained committed to learning. Thus, Dr. Dolan has taken hours of continuing education, and he’s met the rigorous requirements to achieve fellowship and mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Dolan helps patients smile with confidence with teeth whitening at Dolan Dental, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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